May 2009 Deck Progress

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5/8/09 -- Digging out for the retaining walls. We had to move the steps back for head clearance, which meant building walls.
The sediment that hasn't been disturbed for hundreds of years. The black layer on top is probably remaining fertile soil from when this whole area was a farm.
Evidently there used to be a river or a stream here -- these rocks were smooth as can be.
That's a LOT of digging!
May 14th -- The footers have been poured and inspected. Now it's time to install the frames for the retaining walls.
The backyard's gotta look worse before it can look better, I guess...
The forms are in place.
Frank had to hand carry 2 pallets of concrete, one 60-lb. bag at a time, up into the backyard from the alley. 140 bags later, he had single-handedly carried 4.5 tons of concrete.
The concrete is almost all in place.
Last bag into the mixer!