Our Garden on May 31st

Our strawberries made it through the winter and actually gave us some fruit this year!
Weird angle, but this is our corn trying to come up and some sunflowers that seem a bit stunted.
More sunflowers -- the chicken wire is to discourage the alley cats from using our planters as a litter box and to keep the squirrel out.
Some tomato seedlings we picked up at a store -- you can't really see the ones we grew from seeds in this picture...
Kale and broccoli we grew from seeds -- it's been this size for 3 months or so now... We should have already been eating our first crop of both.
Bean plants -- these took off like crazy from seeds but seem to have frozen at this size. There are also some little pepper and rosemary and basil plants in the front -- also staying small...
Cucumbers -- I forget if we got these as seedlings or planted the seeds. But they too have frozen at this size.
OK, I cheated. This is from June 5th. But these are our first blueberries of the year!