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  Dinner with the Cousins - April 18, 2010
Julia and family were passing through on their way back fromDisney, so Matthew had us over for dinner so all the cousins could hang out. He even made vegetarian meatballs for me! Mmm!
  Springtime at the Arboretum - April 3, 2010
We spent this beautiful spring day at the Arboretum, wandering through the Asian gardens and the magnolia groves. A great way to escape the crowds and still enjoy the peak blooms.
  Cherry Blossoms - April 2, 2010
Grandma and Grandpa Degan were passing through DC at the peak of the Cherry Blossom Festival. The trees were gorgeous and the weather was perfect for a day at the Tidal Basin.
  Marie & Kids in DC - March 28-30, 2010
Nick wanted to visit Towson and his mom and sisters joined him for the trip. Nico had a great time with his Aunt Marie and cousins Tara, Nick and Dana.
  Visiting the Grandparents in FL - March 7-14, 2010
Nico took his first long car trip to Florida to visit both sets of grandparents. Fun, sun, and family - it was a great vacation!
  Nico in March 2010
Nico turned 3 months old this month and had his first taste of warm weather and lots of spring flowers.
  Nico in February 2010
Lots and lots and lots of snow in February. Snow, and a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Degan, who have never been happier to be leaving the frigid north behind to spend the winter in FL. Plus a visit from Ruth and family and brunch at Matthew's.
  Schip-Steig Visit to DC - January 16-18, 2010
Aunt Denise, Uncle Robert, and cousins Daniel and James came to spend some more quality time with their newest relative.
  How Nico Spends His Days - January 8-21, 2010
Nico has hung out with friends, gone for walks, met Daddy for lunch, seen Daddy play hockey, and posed for Mommy's photos.
  Nico Meets the Family - December 30, 2009 - January 4, 2010
Because we couldn't travel for Christmas, Nico didn't get to meet his aunts and uncles and cousins. So everyone converged at my parents' house in NJ for a big meeting. He met his other grandparents shortly afterward when they came to DC for a visit.
  Christmas in DC - December 25, 2009
For the first time ever we spent Christmas in DC without our families. We weren't alone, though. We spent the afternoon with Billy and Joe and their brand new twins and had a scrumptious dinner with the Somobrights.
  Nico's First Week at Home - December 16-23, 2009
We were so enamored with our little boy that we didn't take a ton of photos his first week at home. Here are a few that show how we spent our time.
  Nico's Homecoming - December 15, 2009
It seemed like an eternity that our baby was in the hospital, but really it was just a week. Here are some photos from his first day at home.
  Nico's Birthday - December 9, 2009
Baby Schipegan is here! Click here for photos from our labor and delivery.
  Thanksgiving - November 26, 2009
Both sets of parents came down to DC so we could all be together for Thanksgiving. We had a great time and Baby Schipegan did not surprise us with an early arrival while all the parents were here.
  Chicago - October 8-12, 2009
We were very sorry to say good bye to Uncle Earl who passed away this week. But his passing afforded us the opportunity to go to Chicago to visit family we hadn't seen for 2 years.
  Poughkeepsie - September 28-29, 2009
We got to visit with Brady, Danny and Morgan on our annual fall visit to Poughkeepsie. We went apple picking and spent a lot of time playing with Brady at home. He's so much fun now as he learns to stand up and walk around.
  Long Island Baby Shower - September 27, 2009
We had a wonderful co-ed baby shower hosted by Frank's mom.
  Tara's a Graduate! - July 18, 2009
Frank's niece, Tara, graduated from college this year! (At the same time as her Uncle Frankie!) Here are some photos from her party on Long Island.
  Father's Day in NJ - June 26-28, 2009
Frank, Seda and I traveled to NJ to spend a delayed Father's Day with my dad and Danny, Morgan, and Brady.
  Kristen's 33rd B-day Weekend - June 19-21, 2009
My parents came down for my birthday weekend and Father's Day and spent the entire weekend helping us paint the trim in the guest bedroom and the upstairs bathroom. Thanks for helping us knock another project off our list!
  Garden - May 31, 2009
We moved the garden to the garage roof this year and invested in peat moss, vermiculite and compost per Mel's instructions in Square Foot Gardening. Let's hope we start to see some results -- right now the garden is looking a bit behind.
  May Deck Progress - May 8-31, 2009
DC has never gotten as much rain as we've gotten since we removed the protection of the back decks from the house. Here is a catalog of the progress Mike and Frank made in May, between the raindrops.
  Back Deck Demolition - April 23-25, 2009
In 3 days, Mike and Frank took down and got rid of our 2 story back deck. Mike took down the whole wood structure on Thursday (no photos). Friday they jackhammered out the concrete porch. And Saturday they cleaned up the concrete and dug footers. We'll have a new deck soon!
  Easter Dinner - April 12, 2009
We had a lovely dinner with both sets of parents, the Somobrights and the Hjeltaks (Lipstroms?).
  Weekend with Brady! - March 22-23, 2009
We celebrated Danny and my Mom's birthdays in NJ, but Brady was the star of the show.
  Cruise! - February 19-23, 2009
It's been a long time since we took our last real vacation. We were thrilled to escape the cold for 4 days and cruise to Cozumel with Frank's parents and some relatives from Italy.
  Schipani - Pizzi - Steigerwald Visit to DC - February 14-22, 2009
Marie and Denise brought their families to DC for a big sibling and cousin reunion. As a bonus we got to see Matthew and Philip too! We missed Tara, though - she was too busy hitting the books to come down.
  Obama Inauguration - January 20, 2009
We've been waiting for this day for so long, it's hard to believe it's finally here. This is one of those times that we really appreciate living in DC and being able to witness history.
  Schipani Christmas - December 25, 2008
The whole crowd got together at Julia and Michael's again for lots of delicious food and Secret Santa fun.
  Degan Christmas - December 24, 2008
We were with Danny and Morgan and my parents for Brady's first Christmas. I actually heard Santa Claus land on the roof and take off again -- I'm not kidding!
  Nick & Dana in DC - December 4-7, 2008
Nick escorted Dana to DC for her first visit. We had a great time -- Caps/Islanders game, Spy Museum, charity envelope stuffing, Wizard of Oz, Ticket to Ride, and visit to a creepy old house.
  Thanksgiving - November 27, 2008
Good food and good times with the Schipanis for turkey day.
  Meeting Brady (and Dad's 68th Birthday)- November 9, 2008
Dad's 68th birthday was overshadowed by Brady's early arrival. But we managed to celebrate both this weekend.
  Brady Patrick Degan is Born - November 2, 2008
Brady surprised us all by arriving 3 weeks earlier than expected. He is adorable and very healthy at 6 pounds 6 ounces and 20 inches. Morgan is doing well after ushering him into the world.
  Riedlbauers - October 24-26, 2008
W e headed back up to Upstate NY to stay at Riedlbauer's with the whole Schipani / Pizzi / Steigerwald crew. We had a great time at Bavaria Fest, which was much better than the Schlachtfest of October 2006.
  Apple Picking - October 12-13, 2008
Morgan and Danny were our gracious hosts after the baby shower so we could indulge our annual apple picking needs. We also found a couple of great new hiking spots.
  Morgan's Baby Shower - October 11, 2008
Kathy Brady hosted a wonderful baby shower for Morgan at her home in CT.
  Kristen's Birthday / Father's Day - June 21, 2008
Mom and Dad Degan came down to help us make progress on a couple of projects and to celebrate my birthday and Father's Day. We started the big job of getting the astroturf off the front porch!
  Kristen's Birthday - June 18, 2008
We took the day off and headed to Mount Vernon -- George Washington's home. It was fun to play tourist in our own city and we had been wanting to visit Mt. Vernon for years.
  Long Island - June 15, 2008
It took us forever to get there because all of the roads leading to Long Island were closed due to flooding (there was a lot of rain on the 14th!), but we had a great Father's Day / Birthday visit.
  Garden Update - May 28, 2008
Our garden is in. See its development over the past few months here.
  Long Island Visit - May 19-20, 2008
After our NYC visit we took the LIRR out to Port Jeff for a belated Mother's Day celebration with the whole Schipani family.
  M other's Day in NJ - May 10-11, 2008
Danny met us in NJ to celebrate Mother's Day. Unfortunately we forgot our camera, but we got some pictures of our project/gift with my parents' camera.
  Easter with the Schip-Steigs - March 21-24, 2008
We had a wonderful Easter weekend with Denise, Robert, Daniel and James. The Easter Bunny came, we rode the bus and the metro, went to a museum and the park, and had lots of fun!
  Early Spring in DC - March 18, 2008
As usual, spring came early in DC (but not a moment too soon!). Here are the lovely crocuses and tulips that Frank's mom planted for us last fall.
  Nick Returns - February 19-23, 2008
We don't have a whole lot of pictures, but we had a great time with Big Nick. We went to a Capitals (er, Islanders) game, ate Mongolian BBQ, visited the Spy Museum, and Nick even got to go to work with Uncle Frankie.
  Wallpaper Discovery - February 16, 2008
We uncovered another piece of history in our house this weekend -- the original wallpaper in the stairwell.
  Florida Trip - February 8, 2008
Going to Florida a little bit later than usual paid off -- we had 80 degree weather the whole time we were there. It was quite a shock to hear the pilot say that it was 19 degrees in DC on Monday morning when we flew home.
  Marie & Frank in DC - January 25, 2008
Marie and Frank came to celebrate Frankie's birthday with us. We had a great time -- we went to the Botanic Garden, the American Indian museum, the Basilica, had a great dinner at Agraria, and played a no-holds-barred game of Clue.
  Post-Christmas in NJ - December 26-30, 2007
After a delicious Christmas dinner we left Long Island and went back to my parents' house so they wouldn't be alone on Christmas. Then we stayed for 5 days and made curtains for our house.
  Christmas Eve & Day on Long Island - 2007
Denise and Robert hosted Christmas Eve dinner. We spent the night there so we could be with Daniel and James after Santa came. And then we all headed to Julia and Michael's for Secret Santa!
  Pre-Christmas in NJ - December 23, 2007
We celebrated Christmas a few days early with the Degans in NJ. Little Girl Cat and Little Boy Cat came too!
  Our First Snowfall - December 5, 2007
Less than 2 weeks after our 70 degree Thanksgiving, we got our first snowfall.
  Thanksgiving - November 22, 2007
Our parents and Danny and Morgan all came down to DC for our first Thanksgiving in our new home.
  Halloween! - October 31, 2007
Our first Halloween was a great success. We had lots of trick-or-treaters and had fun guessing at their costumes and handing out candy. We ran out early, so we turned out the lights and went out to eat.
  Mom and Dad Schipani Help Out - October 26-29, 2007
Frank's parents stopped by for an extended visit on their way to Florida and painted 3 rooms, unpacked boxes, ripped out the garden, and planted bulbs for next year! I bet they'll look for an alternate route the next time they drive down to FL....
  Chicago Vacation - October 19-21, 2007
Diana and Bill got married and we took advantage of the opportunity to visit Auntie Ro and Aunt Nita while we were in Chicago for the wedding.
  We're In! - October 12, 2007
We officially moved in on 10/12 and moved the cats over on 10/13. We had a few friends over for dinner a couple days later.
  New Countertops - September 25, 2007
Our counters were installed today. (And there are a few pictures of our work on Sunday.)
  Fast House Progress through September 17, 2007
The house is really taking shape now, and we expect to move very soon. See some of the recent progress here.
  Post-Vacation House Photos - September 3, 2007
After a sanity-preserving two weeks in the Pacific Northwest, we came home to find major progress had been made in the house. So, instead of relaxing on Labor Day, we got right back to work!
    Uncut / Unedited House Photos - Aug. 2007
Just in case you can't wait a few weeks for updated house photos, here are all of our August photos. Highlights include my dad drilling through his hand, us de-greening the upstairs, us stripping the very last piece of window trim, and a final view of every room before we leave on our trip. Enjoy!
  More House Photos - July 12-24, 2007
Frank repaired a window, Mom Degan came back to help, and the columns came out of the living room / dining room.
  Urban Gardeners - July 12-24, 2007
Check out our monster size produce!
  Mom and Dad Degan Get Us Over the Hump - July 7, 2007
Just when we were almost out of steam, Mom and Dad came to the rescue -- working tirelessly for 3 days to help us see some major progress.
  Nick Comes to Help Out - July 1, 2007
Nick helped us sand and strip paint off the molding, but we have no photos of all the work he did. Instead, enjoy these photos of the status of the house and our visit to the Folk Life Festival.
  Renovation Status - June 25, 2007
The major change while we were gone is that the mantel was moved from the living room to the guest room and it looks great! The radiators are gone now too. We're sad to see them go because they were beautiful, but it's cheaper not to have them.
  It's been a year already?? - June 24, 2007
Celebrating my birthday and our anniversary with my parents in NJ -- a welcome respite from stripping paint!
  Schipegan North Update - June 22, 2007
We're taking the weekend off and heading to NY and NJ for a break. But before we go, here's the latest progress on the house.
  Kitties, Chocolates & Friends - June 16, 2007
Debi and David came to visit for my b-day, and progress was made in the bathroom at Schipegan North. Because photos of the kitties are much cuter than photos of the house, we stuck a few in here.
  Our Garden Bears Fruit - June 10, 2007
See how our garden has grown! Our bok choi plants went to seed and we had lots from our farm share, so we shared with our neighbors.
  Mike Phoenix - post Day2 - June 4, 2007
If we don't take pictures every day, we'll miss huge progress being made on the house. Our contractor works extremely fast. These are the photos after his second day of work.
  Mom and Dad Degan Return for More Punishment - June 2, 2007
My parents returned to give us a hand. You can also see photos showing what the contractor accomplished in his 1st day.
  House Progress - May 24-27, 2007
Photos of the garden, the 2nd story porch, and the beginning of the paint stripping process
  Good Bye Concrete, Hello Backyard! - May 19, 2007
It took 3 rentals of the hammer drill and lots of backbreaking work, but we finally have a backyard!
  Schipegan North One Month Later - April 29, 2007
It's been a month since we closed on the house and we're ready for the professionals to come now
  Matt's Car Show - April 29, 2007
We visited Frank's cousin, Matthew, at his car show in VA today. He was showing his Triumph (and he won first place!).
  Schipani Parents Visit - April 21, 2007
Frank's parents worked hard at Schipegan North while they were here, but we only have pictures of them enjoying a beautiful day at the Hillwood House.
  Basement, Kitchen and Bathroom
Photos for our contractor's bid
  Renovations Begin at Schipegan North -
March 30, 2007

Enormous thanks to Mom and Dad Degan, Amy, Mary, Ben, Katie and Sam for helping us get so much done in 3 days!!!
  Happy Birthday Mom! - March 17, 2007
A good Irish birthday celebration for my Italian mom
  Happy 40th Ruth! - March 10, 2007
Family and friends came together to help Ruth bid farewell to her 30s
  Visiting the Schipani-Steigerwalds - March 10, 2007
Check out the photos of the SchipSteig Quintet.
  Are We Crazy!?!? - February 24, 2007
We have made an offer on a house! Here are some photos of what it looks like right now.
  Nick Comes to DC - February 3, 2007
Photos from Nick's 3rd solo visit to DC. We went to the Dulles Air and Space Museum and to a Capitals vs. Islanders hockey game.
  Winter in FL - January 28, 2007
We visited the Schipani parents in FL for our annual winter escape from the cold
  Christmas in NY - December 25, 2006
Julia and Michael hosted the whole family for Christmas dinner and Secret Santa
  Christmas in NJ - December 24, 2006
All the Degans were together at Mom and Dad's new house in Waretown for Christmas Eve
  Christmas in DC - December 2006
Christmas comes but once a year...except in our family where we celebrated from December 22 until December 27!
  DC Trip - November 25, 2006
Mom and Dad Degan came to DC to meet their grandkitties. We went to HR-57 and to the National Cathedral while they were here.
  Seda's Belated Birthday - November 25, 2006
After an epic journey from Chechnya to NJ (via Moscow, Zurich and New York), Seda kept herself awake long enough to celebrate her birthday at Kristen's parents' new house.
  Thanksgiving - November 23, 2006
Frank's parents hosted his whole family plus Kristen's parents for a delicious Thanksgiving feast.
  Sperryville, VA - October 28, 2006
We went back to Sperryville to enjoy the fall foliage. We stayed at the Hopkins Ordinary again, hiked in Shenandoah with Hussein and Nashua, got a private tour of Wasmund's distillery, and tasted wine at the Linden vineyard.

Riedlbauer's Part 2 - The Lost Photos
Where's the pig, you asked? What about the waterfall? The hayride and pumpkin picking? We found the lost pictures and put them here. (The faint of heart should close the website after the scary skull us!)

  Riedlbauer's for Frank's Dad's 70th Birthday - October 14, 2006
His birthday might be in December, but the whole family celebrated with a Riedlbauer's Schlachtfest while the weather was still nice.
  Danny and Morgan's New House (plus Vassar and the CIA) - October 13, 2006
On our way upstate we stopped by Poughkeepsie to see Danny and Morgan. And, of course, we stopped at Vassar and the CIA while we were in the neighborhood.
  Auntie Ro's Birthday - September 16, 2006
We traveled to Chicago to celebrate Kristen's Aunt Rose's birthday. While there, we visited the Degans' first apartment and their first house, where Kristen and Danny were born.
  Our First Anniversary - July 2, 2006
We went to Sperryville, VA for a weekend at the Hopkins Ordinary and dinner at the Inn at Little Washington. Then we came home for 4th of July fireworks in DC.
  Denise's Birthday in DC - June 28, 2006
Denise and Robert came to DC for a visit just before Denise's birthday.

Kristen's Birthday in NY - June 3, 2006
 - - July 2006