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  Grad School Friends in DC - 4/11/10
Bonnie ran the Cherry Blossom 10 mile race and our other grad school friends joined us for the weekend (in person and virtually). Nico and Holly had their very first (of many!) playdates.
  Frank turns 36 - 1/31/10
Friends and neighbors joined us for brunch (and snowman cake) to celebrate the beginning of Frank's 37th year.
  13th Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Feast - 11/09
Baby Schipegan cooperated and let us pull off the 13th Annual Feast. We had some new faces this year (Ed, Genta, Sara), were missing some regulars due to the flu and the arrival of babies, and welcomed friends from MA and NY. It was another great feast!
  Schipegan & Somobright Showers - 11/09
Gina and Chip threw us a great book shower and then a week later we got to go to a shower for Somo Dos (their baby on the way). After their shower we took a walk through Rock Creek Park -- those pictures are here too.
  Farewell Astroturf! - 10/25/09
Eva, Katie, Amy, and Wayne came over for another installment of our shower substitute and helped us eliminate the astroturf from the front porch. While they worked on that, Frank and I were able to focus on improving the yard. 3 full days of work all done in one day, thanks to our friends!
  PopFam Baby Shower - 8/29/09
Suzanne and Shannon coordinated a wonderful joint baby shower for Bonnie and me. PopFam friends came from Scotland, San Francisco, Boston, New York and Durham to celebrate with us. It was great!
  Oshapalooza - 8/15/09
This marked our fifth annual osh party and it was great to see lots of party regulars as well as some brand new faces this year. We're already looking forward to next year's party.
  Debbie, Tim & Gwen Visit DC - 7/31 - 8/2/09
For Gwen's first big car trip, Debbie & Tim brought her to DC. We went to the aquarium and spent a lot of time catching up at our house. We were especially proud of her mommy for bringing her on the metro AND the bus -- two firsts for her!
  Sperryville - 7/24 - 7/26/09
We traveled to our favorite B&B in Sperryville, VA with our good friends the Somobrights and the Hjeltaks for a weekend of relaxation before we all welcome new babies into our families.
  Eva's Big Birthday Party - 7/11/09
Somehow it seems wrong that Eva spent the day cooking a delicious gourmet meal so that we could all come over and pig out to celebrate her birthday. But that sure was a delicious dinner and a fantastic party! Happy birthday Eva!
  4th of July - 7/4/09
We had hoped the deck would be finished by the 4th of July, but even though it wasn't, we decided to have a BBQ . The kids (and the adults!) were very careful not to fall off the edge of the railingless deck.
  Chefs Frank & Seda - 6/16 and 7/13/09
Frank and Seda make a great culinary team. Here are some photos of a couple of their more interesting projects -- sushi in June and cherry pie in July.
  Pittsburgh Trip 2009 - 5/14 - 5/16/09
We missed out on our Pittsburgh trip last year, so we made sure to schedule it early this year. We had a great time, as always, with Lisa, Andy, Sadie, and Jonah.
  NY, NC & Boston Friends Visit DC - 4/4/09
Suzanne, Dave, Mary, Cari, Bonnie & Tom all came to visit for a fabulous weekend. We were too busy having fun to take pictures most of the time, but here are a few from one dinner.
  New Year's Eve Game Night - Dec. 31, 2008
Neighbors and friends came over for a game of Guesstures to ring in 2009 with a laugh. I'm making a mental note -- Guesstures is a great game to get good blackmail photos of others...
  12th Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Feast - Nov. 22, 2008
This year we had 23 adults and 7 kids, which is the largest total number of people ever. We had a special playroom set up for the kids and all the adults fit at the long table. Jeff continued his unbroken streak by attending 12 of 12 feasts.
  Uzbek Party #4 - August 16, 2008
This may have been the best Uzbek party yet. We had mehmons from CA, OH, and PA and Frank tried his hand at shashlik in addition to his delicious osh. I'm really glad my appendix held out for one more day so I could enjoy this party pain-free!
  Mary & Ben Get Married! - August 9, 2008
We finally got to meet the Holper Nation and to be a part of Mary and Ben's wedding at the gorgeous Boston College retreat center. They couldn't have asked for better weather or a more perfect wedding.
  Meeting Gwen - August 8, 2008
Debbie and Tim welcomed Gwenneth Ann into their family on April 30th. We finally got to meet little Gwen in person on our way up to Mary and Ben's wedding.
  Our First BBQ! - July 27, 2008
After much research, Frank decided on the grill he wanted. As soon as it arrived we had our first BBQ -- something Frank has been waiting for for over a year!
  Trip to Richmond & Durham - July 3-5, 2008
Bonnie & Tom moved to Durham and we went to visit. We went to the Ino River Festival, tried to see 4th of July fireworks (thwarted by the rain), shopped for pottery, and had a great time. First, though, we stopped in Richmond to celebrate our 3rd anniversary.
  Mandi's B-day and Bon Voyage - June 14, 2008
We hit a lot of traffic on our way to Mandi's party, which made us sad until we realized we had missed a huge thunderstorm that soaked everyone at the party in the park. We got ours, though...the roads leading to Long Island were flooded and closed, so we sat in the same spot for 3 hours waiting for the water level to go down.
  Nisha & Chris Get Married! - June 7, 2008
Another PopFam wedding -- this time it was Nisha and Chris at the Decatur House in DC. Debi, David, Suzanne, Mandi, Bahar, Satish and Manav came from NY and CA to celebrate the day.
  Debi & David Get Married! - May 18, 2008
Last year (!) when the invitations to David's 40th birthday went out, we weren't surprised. They like to plan in advance. No one had a clue that we were actually going to be attending their surprise wedding in Fort Tryon Park under the "party tree." It was a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful day! And a wedding only Debi and David could pull off.
  Trip to Boston - May 1-4, 2008
The kitty cats bought us a vacation to Boston for Christmas and we had a great time visiting Mary and Ben and Suzanne and Dave.
  Bonnie & Tom's Birthdays in DC - April 5, 2008
Marisa was coming to town from Thailand, so everyone had to come see her. Bonnie & Tom came up and Shannon came down. And Mary was here too! You can't beat a weekend of brunch, belly dancers and Schlitz.
  Suzanne Turns 30! - March 29, 2008
Her birthday was earlier in the week, but we celebrated in style on Saturday night. It was a great party!
  Suzanne & Dave in DC - January 20, 2008
Suzanne and Dave came for their first visit in a long time. We visited the American Indian museum, ate lots of great food, and discovered a Franciscan Monastery right in DC!
  11th Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Feast - Nov. 17, 2007
Our first pre-Thanksgiving Feast in the new house and perhaps one of our best. We had 7 visitors from out of town (NY and MA) and the feast served as the first "warming" for our house. Can't wait until next year's!
  Mandi's 30th - June 23, 2007
Mandi's 30th birthday provided just the excuse we needed to leave the house behind and reconnect with friends who surely think we fell off the face of the earth!
  Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge - May 13, 2007
We needed a day off from house renovations, so we headed to the Eastern shore of Maryland to go biking and hiking with Nashua and Hussein
  Bull Run Mountain Farm - May 12, 2007
This is the farm where we bought our CSA (community supported agriculture) share this year. We visited the farm to pick up seedlings to plant in our garden.
  Inlingua Ice Cream Party - April 13, 2007
We celebrated Friday the 13th with an ice cream party in honor of Kristen's students from Inlingua
  Osh Fest #3 - March 24, 2007
Uz 5 and Uz 6 RPCVs came from near and far to enjoy osh, somsa, and of course, Baltikas
  Tea Party! - February 24, 2007
Tea is a good excuse to use the fancy china and have friends over on a Saturday afternoon
  Happy Birthday, Frank! - January 25, 2007
A little surprise birthday brunch for Frank's 33rd birthday
  Brooklyn Housewarming! - January 20, 2007
We helped to warm Suzanne and Jenn's new apartment after a quick pre-party at the Chocolate Room.
  Pizza Party! - January 13, 2007
Charlie and Frank had a contest to see who could make the better crust. Frank thinks Charlie's was better. Charlie liked Frank's tossing technique. All I know is that I got to eat a lot of really good pizza.
  Gingerbread House Party - December 17, 2006
Everyone seems to have thought about their house designs all year (since last year's party!) so they were more elaborate and beautiful this year.
  Baby Eloisa - 1 Day Old! - December 4, 2006
We got to see beautiful Eloisa and her superstar Mommy the day after she was born. Both Mom and baby (and of course Daddy too!) looked wonderful. Gina is now my hero!
  Eva and Lauren's Dinner Party - Dec. 3, 2006
A gourmet dinner with our great friends -- featuring a special dessert from South Africa!
  Brunch - December 2, 2006
Sara, Aron, Salome, Brent, Jenner, Henry, Chip, Gina, Seda, Frank and Kristen enjoyed brunch together. Had we known Gina was about to go into labor, we would have taken a lot more pictures!
  10th Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Feast - Nov. 18, 2006
Delicious dinner with great friends from Milwaukee, Boston, New York, DC, MD and VA
  Gina and Chip's Baby Shower - October 21, 2006
At this grown-up style party, everyone was asked to contribute their favorite book to Baby S's growing library.
  Quick NYC Trip - October 16, 2006
On our way back to DC, we made a drive-by visit in NYC to visit friends. We saw Debi and David's new-and-improved place and hung out with Cari and Mandi. We were so busy seeing everyone that we only took a few photos.
  Apple Picking - October 15, 2006
Our 6th annual apple picking trip to upstate NY
  Raclette and Babies - October 8, 2006
We cracked out the raclette grill and Malcolm and Ryan visited our place for the first time
  Salome's 1st Birthday - October 7, 2006
Uz 6 Peace Corps volunteers gathered with other family and friends to wish Sara and Aron's little girl a happy 1st birthday
  PC Uzbekistan Reunion - September 30, 2006
Peace Corps volunteers from Uz 5 to Uz 17 gathered for osh, manti, and Baltika #9
  Jenny Pan's Visit - September 22, 2006
Jenny came back to DC for her second visit in 4 months (not often enough for those of us left behind)
  Weekend in Pittsburgh - August 12, 2006
Frank, Sam and Kristen visited Andy, Lisa, Sadie and Jonah in Pittsburgh for a pasta- and scrabble-filled weekend. Unfortunately Lisa managed to avoid the camera entirely! Next year we'll have to get extra pictures of her.
  Quick NYC Trip - July 22, 2006
We traveled to NY to see Daniel before he headed off to Germany, and got to see lots of folks on our quick visit



Kristen's 30th Birthday - June 18, 2006
At long last, Kristen has finally makde it to 30. We celebrated with a party on the patio, complete with jazz band and chocolate fountain

  Debbie and Tim's Wedding - June 3, 2006
Vassar friends gathered to celebrate Debbie and Tim's wedding in upstate NY
  Jenny's Going Away Party - April 29, 2006
We were sad to see her go, but we had a great time at her going away party!
  Easter 2006 - April 17, 2006
We had a big crowd for a great Easter dinner -- complete with egg dyeing.
  Fondue with Mike, Shannon, Malcolm, Jeff and Gretchen - March 18, 2006
We have officially become our parents -- having a fondue party with a brand new baby - - October 2006